Each Harvest Center requires first a down
payment of $3,600 MXN + Operating Costs.
Bambú Rain has created two ways to pay
for these that adapt to your unique
goals and circumstances by giving you
the chance to pay in one installment
or in monthly payments.

Aurea allows you purchase
your Harvest Centers in
monthly installments with no
down payments. With this
format, you only have to
pay monthly operating costs
and let our Modern Farmer
model take care of the rest.

Borealis is for our Modern
Farmers who prefer to
make a one-time payment.
Pay 48 months of operating
costs from the start and the
Modern Farmer model will
take care of the rest.

*Prices do not include 16% tax


Each of our bamboo culms need to mature for 4 years before harvesting for the first time. After the first harvest is complete, the incredible regenerative ability and growth rate of bamboo enables us to harvest every single year. Bambú Rain takes care of the entire procedure while you, the Modern Farmer, monitor & reap the benefits of your plantations from home.


When designing the Modern Farmer Model, our
objective was to create the most innovative
product in any market today, that’s why, within the
Modern Farmer Model; we offer you the chance
to multiply your benefits. Get a personalized
explanation of our Multiplier Program
today by clicking here.


The Modern Farmer Program offers unequaled benefits within a payment
plan that can adapt to all types of people and finances. Together with the
astounding natural abilities of bamboo, the Modern Farmer Program
enables us to create stability for you while contributing to the
solution for global climate changes.